1 Month Countdown!

It’s about that time, people! January 1 is exactly one month from TODAY, and you know what that means — time to get ready for FISCAL FAST 2020!

Every year, I used January as my month to dig myself out of any holes I have fallen into (Ok, JUMPED into) during December. These holes are typically related to DIET and FINANCES. Can you relate?

In the olden days, I would spend spend spend and eat eat eat in December, but then take about 2 months after that to slowwwly come to my senses and ease on the brakes. But about 5 years ago, I realized that there is an easier and more fun way: the 31-day FISCAL FAST. Slam on those brakes on Dec 31 (or sometimes a little earlier if you don’t go out on New Year’s Eve, which I haven’t done in like 500 years anyway) then be in full control of your money and your diet all throughout January.

And it’s more fun with a team supporting you. So I roped my family into it, and made them start reading all about what I spent money on each day in January. And then they joined in and lived a monk’s life with me for one month out of every year.

To read more about how it works and the rules of the game, go to Start Here: What is a Fiscal Fast? and The Rules: YES and The Rules: NO.

Psssst… this year I want to do a Fiscal Fast month AT LEAST 3 times. January, March (?), and maybe around October. I also want to do a Fiscal Fast Lite a couple of times, maybe just 1-2 weeks instead of 4? Possibly in June & September?

Is anyone out there? And if so… are you with me?

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