Report: 1/26/19

Money I Spent: Lots of spending today. Volleyball pictures $34. These really add up over the years, sheesh. Lunch at Thai Spice $31.84. Smiths groceries $60.82. NM Dancewear shoes and red shorts for competition $47.47. Ice cream for 3 at Baskin Robbins $20.56.

Money I Avoided Spending: we are just getting what we absolutely need at Smiths, and trying to stick to sales. I had a couple of good coupons. We barely had a list, but still managed to stay under $75! yay

Extra Money I Found or Made: probably sold stuff on ebay but don’t remember what

Use It Up Challenge: n/a

Thoughts: happy with the grocery bill, we will be able to keep this up a while if we just buy NEEDs and not WANTs (or much meat).

Money I Spent:

Money I Avoided Spending:

Extra Money I Found or Made:

Use It Up Challenge:


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