Report: 1/20/19

Money I Spent: I’ll have to tally it up for the exact amount, but it was around $150 at Kohl’s, I think, plus about $35 at Walmart. (S paid $25 at with her own gift card.) We both needed/wanted some very specific clothing items, and we needed a little fun girls’ time in town. These items could have waited until February, but we had a weak moment 🙂 Oh well, it is what it is. Also spent around $20 for lunch while out.

Money I Avoided Spending: Well I only took my Kohl’s card into the mall, instead of my credit card. So I think I avoided buying 1) t-shirts at Lunchbox; 2) Vans or Converse at Journey’s; and 3) everything else in the mall.

Extra Money I Found or Made: n/a

Use It Up Challenge: leftover macaroni for dinner

Thoughts: n/a

Money I Spent:

Money I Avoided Spending:

Extra Money I Found or Made:

Use It Up Challenge:



  1. Money I Spent: SNOWBOARDING DAY! $40 lift ticket at Sandia Peak (military discount) and spent $13 on lunch.

    Money I Avoided Spending: Avoided the gift shop. I like to buy souvenirs, like t-shirts and what not. But since Sandia Peak is only 15 mins from our house, I didn’t feel like I needed a souvenir.

    Extra Money I Found or Made: None.

    Use It Up Challenge: Nothing significant today.

    Thoughts: I love to go snowboarding/skiing. I’ll make the trek to Santa Fe one day soon. Maybe wait until February.


  2. Money I Spent: about $35 for a universal remote control after the remote control for our big tv fell in my coffee cup this morning and would not work. So we had not planned to go out today and could have had a $0 day but ended up going to best buy and then since we were there, we stopped by Jason’s for lots of fresh veggies. $22.00. So not a $0 day after all.

    Money I Avoided Spending:

    Extra Money I Found or Made:

    Use It Up Challenge:

    Thoughts: so late this afternoon old remote control started working again so I guess we have a back up. Was lazy this afternoon so watched 3 episodes of Grantchester which is a great show on Prime. We had watched it several years ago but there is a new season coming out before long so thought I would see what was going on — then kept on watching it. Dad watched some football.


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