Report: 1/13/19

Money I Spent: $65.67 at Walmart for some things we needed and wanted. Not all fiscal fasty, but not awful. Had to get some school art supplies, some drinks, and some cereals and snacks for Sabrina.

Money I Avoided Spending: n/a

Extra Money I Found or Made: eBay – sold a glass for $17; pair of pants for $12; and a shirt for $27.

Use It Up Challenge: cooked a chicken from the freezer and lentils from the pantry for leftover lunches this week.

Thoughts: I like lentils. They are cheap, good for you, and easy to cook.

Money I Spent:

Money I Avoided Spending:

Extra Money I Found or Made:

Use It Up Challenge:



  1. Money I Spent: $38.06 at Cracker Barrel, ordered too much but were starving after long day at volleyball. Also maybe 5 or 6 at the snack bar at volleyball.

    Money I Avoided Spending: didn’t buy anything at the Cracker Barrel and I love their candy and stuff!

    Extra Money I Found or Made:

    Use It Up Challenge:

    Thoughts: not much thinking today


  2. Money I Spent: Post volleyball meal at Cracker Barrel, $51.49 (we’ll split this one at the end of the month, too.)

    Money I Avoided Spending: Same as yesterday, fast through the day, no snacks (did spend $1 on a bottle of water).

    Extra Money I Found or Made: None

    Use It Up Challenge: None today.

    Thoughts: The long, spendy weekend is over, but the fiscal damage was minimal. Had fun but didn’t overspend.


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