Report: 1/10/19

Money I Spent: $0!

Money I Avoided Spending: Didn’t go anywhere that required money today.

Extra Money I Found or Made: eBay, sold a pair of shoes for $15 and a hat for $23.

Use it Up Challenge: Eh, nothing really?

Thoughts: 1/3 of the way through January! Time to re-focus on both my $$ and my diet.

Money I Spent:   

Money I Avoided Spending:   

Extra Money I Found or Made:   

Use It Up Challenge:   



  1. Money I Spent: $51.87 Smith’s taking advantage of their case sale. tomato sauce and pork and beans, also 5 lbs. grated Tillamook cheese for less than 13.00. Golden Pride fried chicken for Dad 7.76, and 15.46 for gas.

    Money I Avoided Spending: Seems like we are not avoiding much but maybe we are a little.

    Extra Money I Found or Made: I wish I had a way of making extra money but just don’t.

    Use It Up Challenge: Had soup and posole for supper so that is all gone..

    Thoughts: Would like to make one of the soups and one of the breads that BA gave me in the jars, but with volleyball weekend coming up it may be next week before I get to do that.


  2. Money I Spent: ~$40 to gas up my truck (I can’t remember the full amount).

    Money I Avoided Spending: Nothing particular comes to mind. With the weekend coming up and another volleyball tournament, not sure when I’ll have my next $0 day.

    Extra Money I Found or Made: None today.

    Use It Up Challenge: Leftover chili for lunch today.

    Thoughts: Even though there haven’t been a lot of $0 days so far this month, spending is still way down compared to the previous couple of months. Christmas debt is getting paid, and hopefully my tax return can go straight into savings.


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