Report: 1/5/19

Money I Spent:  $15 to get into the volleyball tournament.


Money I Avoided Spending:  Ed paid for lunch and dinner, so I avoided that $.


Extra Money I Found or Made:  n/a


Use It Up Challenge:  n/a


Thoughts:  When Sabrina found out the sweatshirts at the tournament cost $58, she said THAT’S CRAZY. So at least she’s understanding.

Money I Spent: 

Money I Avoided Spending: 

Extra Money I Found or Made:

Use It Up Challenge:



  1. Money I Spent: $30 for volleyball tournament. $3 at snack bar. 28.00 at Cervantes for meal for the day. Too much- but was a rather frustrating day! When frustrated, I want to eat something!

    Money I Avoided Spending: again, did not shop in ABQ, so kicked that down the road again, but list is growing….

    Extra Money I Found or Made:

    Use It Up Challenge: still working on this.



  2. Money I Spent: Let’s see…lunch for three at Subway, $25, and dinner for three at Applebee’s, $42, + $15 volleyball tourney entry fee, so $82 dollars spent yesterday.

    Money I Avoided Spending: Avoided the concession stand. Drank water with dinner. (Should have had water at lunch too, but succumbed to the fizzy bubbles of a Diet Coke).

    Extra Money I Found or Made: None today.

    Use It Up Challenge: I made Vitamix smoothies this morning with the last of the spinach, last of the frozen berries, last of the cucumber, one of the last two bananas (I peeled and froze the other for next time).

    Thoughts: None today.


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