Report: 1/4/19

Money I Spent:  $4 to park at the airport. $26.05 for Jason’s Deli for 2; $32.09 for Panda Express for 3. $15 for Sabrina to join us at hot yoga. Total $77.14.  First spending day so far this year.

Money I Avoided Spending: None really.

Extra Money I Found or Made: Found $20 in one of Sabrina’s old coin purses. We are going to use this $20 to buy her a sweatshirt or t-shirt at her volleyball tournament this weekend.

Use It Up Challenge:  Used up all of our leftovers. Down to the end of a toothpaste so will be cutting it up soon. I need to get on the sewing machine and make us some new unpaper towels, as our old ones are pretty coffee-stained.


Money I Spent: 

Money I Avoided Spending: 

Extra Money I Found or Made:

Use It Up Challenge:



  1. Money I Spent: $19 at Jason’s for lunch for 2 very good!!

    Money I Avoided Spending: did not go shopping while in ABQ so kicked some spending down the road……

    Extra Money I Found or Made: none, wish I found $20

    Use It Up Challenge: working on it, still have quite a bit left over from Christmas week, (but most stuff Dad is not to eat)

    Thoughts: Trying not to think too much!


  2. Money I Spent: $0…kind of. I had a $4 kombucha after yoga, but forgot to pay for it. :$ Left a message for Kristen to take it out of my account. (Sorry!!!)

    Money I Avoided Spending: Going back to work from my noon BJJ class, the thought crossed my mind to stop for a sandwich (why do I love sandwiches so much lately?), but I went back to work and had my leftover salmon with spinach and rice. Delicious and way healthier than a sandwich.

    Extra Money I Found or Made: My Robinhood account was back in the black after spending Thursday down a few dollars!

    Use It Up Challenge: Leftovers for lunch.

    Thoughts: BA bought dinner last night, so any meals out today will be on me!


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