No-Spend January 2019

Happy New Year to all our Fiscal Fast Family and Friends! Are we ready for another no-spend January?

Lucky for us, today we are snowed in, so we can’t go anywhere or spend any money. And, after the “treat yo self” December I had, I currently have no need to buy anything online! So today I’ll just focus on picking up around the house, listing some items on eBay for those side-hustle dollars, and trying to stay warm with the thermostat set at 60. 

In case you need a refresher on THE RULES for the no-spend month, take a look at RULES: YES and RULES: NO

We also always start the year off with a USE IT UP CHALLENGE, where we try and use up some odds and ends around the house to avoid buying anything new (cut open the toothpaste tube and shampoo bottle for the last dregs, use up the last 1/4 cup dried pasta in the box in some made-up recipe, boil the bones and veg ends for stock, etc.). Info on that is here: USE IT UP.


Just as a refresher, report back each day with your spending wins, losses, or whatever. Tell us how much you spent and what it was on, and how you feel about it, if that sounds fun. You don’t have to report bills paid and boring stuff like that, but feel free to share if you found a way to cut a particular bill down or get rid of it altogether. 

Here’s the format I like to use. You can copy/paste it into the Comments each day with your report, or use whatever format you like! 


Money I Spent:   (how much and where)

Money I Avoided Spending:  (no-spend “wins” go here)

Extra Money I Found or Made:  (side-hustle money, a bill you cut down, cash in a jacket pocket, etc.)

Use It Up Challenge:  (anything you used the last of or repurposed here)

Thoughts:  (good day? bad day? tell us about it)


Come back each night and report in and see how everyone else is doing. 

[for copy/paste]

Money I Spent: 

Money I Avoided Spending: 

Extra Money I Found or Made:

Use It Up Challenge:


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