Money I Spent:  Quite a bit at Target for some things for the house. I could have waited until October, but I broke down and just bought them now… rugs for back door, still not happy with one of them but I guess it will do, recycle containers for the garage so we can sort our own and save the $24/mo recycle fee (will drop at a recycle center in town), 10 plastic tubs for organizing the garage, carpet cleaning supplies, tile cleaning supplies, big pack of batteries, and a few other things. Came out to around $170. The tubs alone were $50, trash cans $30, etc. so it adds up quick.

Money I Avoided Spending: Not really any at Target! I did try to get the cheap options of things… the $10 trash cans instead of the $20, etc. I probably should have gone to Walmart, coulda saved a little there.

Extra Money I Found or Made:  At dermatologist, got a $25 refund for a credit on my account. Returned a rug to Walmart and got $22 back. eBay: sold a pair of zumba pants for $40, and a Halloween decoration for $14.

30-Day Challenge Wildcard:  I was exhausted when I got home and didn’t do anything yesterday challenge-wise. 😦

Thoughts:  Took a few days off from logging money and food this weekend. Just needed a break, but now I can get back to it. Aiming for a $0 day today and will do all my challenge stuff.

Money I Spent: 

Money I Avoided Spending: 

Extra Money I Found or Made:

30-Day Challenge Wildcard:


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  1. Money I Spent: This was an expensive day. We did a shopping trip for the first time in a couple of months. First 29.25 at the DMV for me a new Driver’s License. Then on to Costco where we had to pay our 60 membership fee plus 74.00 for 240 K cups which is like .30 each. 20 for 48 cans of v-8 which is really good, .41 each and other odds and ends for total of 241.00. On to Walmart for things we had been putting off –80.00, Sprouts, 12.06 and then an expensive lunch at Olive Garden, but also delicious and leftovers that warmed up really good for supper. Altogether like 400.00, YIKES!!

    Money I Avoided Spending: none it appears

    Extra Money I Found or made: too bad, we don’t really have a way of making extra money……….

    30-Day Challenge Wildcard:

    Thoughts: We have also been considering canceling our recycling. Where is the place in Alb, that you can drop off recycling? I just hate not to recycle Dad’s daily newspaper and other paper stuff. Have you checked out the price for the company that picks up trash on Tuesday? Lots of people seem to use the Tuesday thing.


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