August 29, 2018

Money I Spent:   True $0 day!

Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made:  Thought for a second about going out to dinner but decided not to. We already had planned tuna steaks, rice, and vegs for dinner, which were absolutely delicious!

eBay: sold an old 35mm Minolta camera for $68 (incl shipping), paid I think $3 at Salvation Army. Sold a Coach purse for $38 (incl shipping), don’t remember how much I paid for this one (maybe $5?). Sold a vintage Kodak Instamatic camera for $15 (incl shipping), bought at Salvation Army for 50 cents! Sold a Dickies brand scrubs top (nurse/hospital/etc) for $20 (incl shipping). Bought at Salvation Army for $1.

All these sales are “including shipping” so that means that on the $68 camera, for example, priority shipping costs $7.50, so my profit is $68 – $3 – $7.50. Still pretty good. Things under a pound ship for $3-4. Over a pound has to go priority and can be $7 on up depending on weight and size of the parcel.

Use It Up Challenge:  Conditioner and shower gel were gone so I pulled out some hotel products.

Sugar I Ate: No sugar!

Sugar I Avoided:   Didn’t see any, and didn’t go looking for any!

Thoughts:   I might keep this going in September just to keep myself on track.


Money I Spent:   

Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made:  

Use It Up Challenge:  

Sugar I Ate:   

Sugar I Avoided:   


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