August 23, 2018

Money I Spent:   About $30 at Walgreens for prescriptions and about $20 for other stuff at Walgreens — lens cleaner, aspirin, etc.

Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made:  

eBay: sold a pretty gray dress for $25, paid $1 at Salv Army. Sold a turquoise Texas Ware melamine plate for $15. It was part of a set of dishes — I paid maybe $12 for the whole set and have been selling them off in pairs and singles.

Use It Up Challenge:  Dinner was leftover crockpot chicken on corn tortillas. Easy to put together and all stuff we just had in the fridge.

Sugar I Ate:   N/a

Sugar I Avoided:   Avoided the sugar cookie & fruit breakfast AND the donut holes at our dept meeting. I made sure to eat my breakfast right before the meeting so I wouldn’t be hungry. It wasn’t too hard.



Money I Spent:   

Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made:  

Use It Up Challenge:  

Sugar I Ate:   

Sugar I Avoided:   


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  1. Money I Spent: Quite a spendy day. $150 for Dad ticket to Oregon. Had points for one way but had to pay cash for the other way. $10 copay at Eye Dr. $25 gas, $125 at Costco, and 25 at Basil Leaf for lunch.

    Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made: n/a

    Use It Up Challenge: just had some leftovers for supper so that might count.

    Sugar I Ate: had a piece of cheesecake we had in the freezer so too much!

    Sugar I Avoided:

    Thoughts: Sometimes a day comes around when you have to spend some money so you just have to roll with it. We have been terrible about eating out and ordering too much this month. We have had to go into town quite a bit and it just seems we should eat while we are there. But being smarter in ordering would be good! The best, most sensible meal I have had lately was at Bravo, the caprezia salad and wedding soup. (about $10, 500 calories, and delicious!)


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