August 19, 2018

Money I Spent:   $0 in Fiscal Fast terms. Actually though I bought a new computer monitor and mouse/keyboard system, but I’ll pay for that out of eBay money so I’m not counting it. Maybe I should, I dunno. Altogether it was about $170. Hoping the bigger monitor will be good for my eyeballs.

Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made:  

eBay: Sold women’s Guess jacket for $22, paid $1. Sold Carhartt work pants for $25, paid $1. Sold western wear/rodeo shirt for $34, paid $1. Sold black Tyler Rodan purse for $17, paid $5. Sold some Fisher Price Little People for $52, and they were part of a larger lot I bought for $10.

Use It Up Challenge:  Nothing really. Might finish off our pork roast leftovers with some adovada tonight if I have the energy when I get home.

Sugar I Ate:   No sugar today! I did have some junk food (chips) but didn’t have any sugar!

Sugar I Avoided:   Avoided the mug cakes and Oreos in the pantry.

Thoughts:   Need to have a good money week. We are gearing up for some big purchases (new couch(es) and the wine fridge) so need to get ready. Need to have a good diet week, just to show my taste buds who is boss.


Money I Spent:   

Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made:  

Use It Up Challenge:  

Sugar I Ate:   

Sugar I Avoided:   




  1. This is a summary of the last several days, including the weekend I spent in Ellenton, FL helping my folks get moved into their new place.

    Money I Spent: Hotel, $250, Rental Car, $160, New lift chair for Dad, $856, Gas, food, other…around $150.

    Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made: I saved some money on food by being too busy to eat. Most days I’d be starving in the afternoon, realizing all I’d had to eat was coffee, water, and a Quest Bar. Saturday night I had dinner at a friend’s house. Sunday I had a pancake and bacon breakfast at Mom and Dad’s. The CrossFit gym I dropped into didn’t charge me a drop-in fee. I looked at buying a shirt, but they didn’t have any I liked in my size, so no money spent there. Overall I think I did the trip as cheaply as I could, though I had a couple of splurges. I paid $40 for a nice sit-down meal at the Houston airport, and I bought a box of candy for Beth and Sabrina (also at the Houston airport).

    Use It Up Challenge: N/A

    Sugar I Ate: I did okay sugar-wise, though I had some splurges. I had one of the donuts my aunt brought over to the house on Sunday, and I had pancakes. Also two truffles at a candy shop in the airport.

    Sugar I Avoided: No other splurges, avoided ice cream and other cheat stuff I like when I travel.

    Thoughts: This trip kicked a good-sized dent into all my August FF savings, especially the new chair. But, I knew it was coming, and I don’t think I’ll have to pull too much out of savings to cover it, though I will have to dip into my savings for sure. I guess if this had been a normal spending month for me, I’d be having to pull a lot more out of savings to cover my FL trip, so the FF does certainly help.

    The biggest challenge for me is not saying “Screw it, this month is shot, might as well go ahead and buy everything else…”


  2. Money I Spent: A true $0 day, did not leave home all day!

    Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made:

    Use It Up Challenge: Everything we ate was out of refrigerator, freezer, and pantry so pretty much “use it up” day

    Sugar I Ate: I think 1 T. of grape jelly with breakfast was all. a little in my tea.

    Sugar I Avoided:

    Thoughts: Dreading tomorrow’s bi-monthly trip to Costco. I also have to pay the $60 yearly fee, so am prepared for about 200.00. We area also meeting our “old” friends for lunch at Brava in Uptown. I have looked at the menu and think I am going to have Italian Wedding Soup and caprezi salad. Trying to count calories but not having much luck.


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