August 1, 2018

Money I Spent:  $0

Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made:  Waited to put gas in my car until Aug 2, just because I wanted a $0 Aug 1. Not really a savings, just a postponement.

eBay: Sold a true vintage disco shirt for $25, bought at Salvation Army for $1. Has been listed for a year, probably, so glad it sold!

Use It Up Challenge:  Lunch was leftovers from yesterday’s lunch, which was leftovers from THREE separate dinners. Glad that’s over.

Sugar I Ate: No sugar today.

Sugar I Avoided: Avoided the tub of cake at work; avoided the Oreos at home!

Thoughts: Today was a good day.


Money I Spent: 

Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made:

Use It Up Challenge:

Sugar I Ate: 

Sugar I Avoided: 


One comment

  1. Money I Spent: $0 day, but like Beth, my truck needs gas and I need some more Quest Bars for my gym bag.

    Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made: N/A today. It was a busy day, so even if I had wanted to make a shopping excursion or a stop at Starbucks, I didn’t have time.

    Use It Up Challenge: Leftovers for lunch.

    Sugar I Ate: No sugar or sweets. I had some BBQ sauce with my lunch, which probably has a little sugar, but that was all.

    Sugar I Avoided: No real cravings for sugar, but probably because I was on the go most of the day. I had an apple after work that was really good, and I ate lunch very late in the day (3:00pm), so I didn’t attack the pantry or the refrigerator when I got home from work.

    Thoughts: There’s a “tub of cake” at work????


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