July 28, 2018 – Fiscal Fast & Sugar Detox

Money I Spent:   $177.24 for groceries and gas.   $40.62 at Sprouts + $113.23 at Smiths + $23.39 to gas up my car.

Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made:  Did a lot of planning and couponing to get our grocery bills down. We bought a LOT and coupons/deals saved almost $60 at Smiths.

Use It Up Challenge:  Nothing really, just used some leftovers for dinner along with some new stuff. Cleaned out my bathroom cabinets and found lots of hair and skin supplies.

Sugar I Ate: No sugar, just a stevia in my coffee and 1 in my yogurt.

Sugar I Avoided: Wanted some of Sabrina’s new ice cream but didn’t have any. 🙂 Wanted a handful of her Reese’s Pieces but didn’t have any.

Thoughts: Sunday will be expensive — school clothes and supplies, volleyball clothes and shoes, plus probably Grassburger for lunch. After that, there shouldn’t be any expensive days in August. My challenge will be not to go on  a shopping spree for myself.


Money I Spent: 

Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made:

Use It Up Challenge:

Sugar I Ate: 

Sugar I Avoided: 


One comment

  1. Money I Spent: $13.26 at Walmart for groceries/household supplies.

    Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made: Had sort of a grueling CrossFit workout Saturday morning. I wanted to make myself feel better with a Nitro Cold Brew from Starbucks, but passed. Also considered a stop into Keva Juice for a $100 smoothie, but passed on that as well. My bank account and my pancreas thanked me.

    Use It Up Challenge: Worked on some leftovers for lunch…rotisserie chicken in my quesadilla.

    Sugar I Ate: Think I had the last of the Enlightened ice cream. (I also knicked a handful of Sabrina’s Reese’s Pieces…) Don’t tell…

    Sugar I Avoided: Keva Juice!

    Thoughts: This sugar thing is going to be hard, I think.


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