April 20, 2018

Money I Spent:   Yard Sale: $3 for tree loppers (to keep), $3 for a thing I’ll try to sell on eBay, $1 for a watch that I’ll try to sell, $1 for 3 lapel pins, and $5 for a vintage Panasonic AM-FM radio.  Dinner: $22 for me and Sabrina to eat dinner at Grassburger after volleyball practice, then $9 or so for yogurt at Menchies for the ride home. Pigs! 😀

Money I Didn’t Spend:  I guess I spent all the money today, not the best.

Use It Up Challenge:  Scavenged about 5 half-bottles of shampoo and conditioner from Sabrina’s bathroom to put back in the supply closet.

Thoughts: Cleaned the house today, which kept me busy and away from Amazon, though I did realize we need a long-handled shower-scrubbing brush (since I can’t kneel/squat down), and a new scrub brush for dishes, and some carpet cleaner. I put all this on the May shopping list.

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