April 5, 2018

Money I Spent:  $30 to gas up my car.  $325 for Sabrina’s ARVC summer camp in June. For some reason, they sent the bill to my Paypal account, so I had to pay it out of my eBay money. Which it’s nice that I have that money, but that’s not how I meant to use it. Oh well.

Money I Didn’t Spend:  Didn’t go get the $3.50 soup next door to go with my leftover Chipotle lunch. Better for my wallet and my diet.

Use-it-Up Challenge:  eh? nothing I guess

Thoughts:  All told Sabrina’s summer camps will cost around $1000 this year, for 3 different volleyball camps (2 1-week camps and 1 2-day camp). That’s not very fiscal-fasty, but I think it’s worth it. And I think that I like to scrimp and be frugal in other areas so that I can easily afford things like this (and vacations etc.) without stressing about it or having to cash out my 401k.

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