January 28, 2018

Money I Spent:  $0, didn’t leave the house

Money Victory ($ I avoided spending):  Didn’t pull the trigger on any of my online shopping carts (I think all seeds/garden at this point).

Use It Up Challenge: Pork roast out of the freezer, into the crockpot this morning with 1/4 bottle of Claude’s brisket marinade, since that’s what we had in the pantry! Dinner was then various forms of tacos/quesadillas for everyone.

Thoughts:  Weekends are too short.

One comment

  1. Money I Spent: $0 day. Stayed at home, no online spending

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): There are some things I’ve added to my Amazon wish list for February. I wonder how many of them I can put off indefinitely…

    Use It Up Challenge: Used up the last of those delicious pickled jalapenos…sad to see those go.

    Thoughts: Fiscal fast January is going to make for a nice, flush with cash February! 🙂


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