January 27, 2018

Money I Spent:  Grocery day! It’s getting tougher because we are running out of more things and I am running out of coupons 🙂
Sprouts: $13.15 (all produce) Seemed like we got a lot for $13.
Smiths: $45.11 (included a $10 bag of dog food, which I probably shouldn’t have included in our grocery budget).

For non-groceries, I spent around $100 at Dave & Buster’s for Sabrina’s birthday extravaganza, and another $10 for a present. I will count up all the birthday stuff in my January tally at the end of the month, but I’m not considering it a FF failure since it really had to happen in January or else it would end up being like March.

Money Victory ($ I avoided spending):  It’s kind of hard sometimes to see stuff you want at the grocery store (like a package of chicken breasts — healthy!) and be like, No, it’s not in the budget. But that’s how we save!   Told the girls NO when they asked for fancy drinks at D&Bs. Also told them to order from the kids menu!

Use It Up Challenge:  We’ll probably use up some pantry stuff with our lunch and dinner tonight. Almost out of cereal. Out of canned and frozen vegetables. Still have some rice and beans (canned and dried).

Thoughts:  Working on garden planning today. Need to get started with the pepper and tomato seeds before Feb 7, otherwise will have to wait until early March probably and that would be kind of late. Planning to start pepper and tomato seeds inside on the racks next Sunday. I have some items in a shopping cart online that I will pull the trigger on come Feb 1 — new seeds to try. Some leafy things and some beans, mostly.


  1. Money I Spent: Spendy day today. $77 at Dave & Busters, and $30 for a hot tub related thing (mineral sanitizer) from Amazon. Total: $107.

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Had planned to go to Starbucks after Crossfit this morning, but chose to come home and make a homemade bulletproof coffee instead!

    Use It Up Challenge: Finished off the last of my breakfast egg casserole I made last Sunday. Also ate a little more of that ham from…I don’t know, but it’s still good!

    Thoughts: Hoping for a nice, stay at home, $0 day tomorrow!


  2. Money I Spent: Today looks like a $0 day as I declared myself to be sick and laid in my chair watching TV till about 2:00. But now I think I am much better so am up and headed to the shower. After my shower, if I feel really good, we might go to town and do a little shopping.

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending):so far, so good

    Use It Up Challenge: Dad made a concoction of leftover tamales from Christmas cut up mixed with enchilada sauce to put in oven, Don’t know if I am quite up for that. may just have another can of tomato soup and a slice of cheese pizza.

    Thoughts: Looking forward to making Sabrina’s “family” birthday dinner and cake. WOW 12 candles!!!

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