January 21, 2018



Money I Spent $:  $0 Snow Day! Stayed home, played Monopoly, did some eBay stuff.

Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Nothing really.

Use It Up Challenge: We are still using up food from the freezers and pantry.

Thoughts: ehhhh, SNOW DAY!


  1. Money I Spent $: $0 (SNOW DAY!!!) We stayed at home all day!

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): I didn’t say “so-long” to my family and dash off to Ski Santa Fe with my snowboard…even though a little part of me fantasized about it all day. 😉 With only 22% of the mountain open for skiing, it’s still not quite enticing enough to make me break fiscal fast. I’m hoping for a snowy February…

    Use It Up Challenge: With my keto diet happening, I’m probably not doing my fair share to “use it up,” especially if it’s in the pantry (too many carbs in there). I’d like to think we’re throwing out less veggies though, especially greens. I’m crushing a lot of salad lately.

    Thoughts: Using my tax return from last year, I made a spreadsheet with MS Excel that estimates my tax return for this year. We just received our W2’s from Sandia last week, and by plugging in some numbers, and estimating a few based on previous returns, I think I’m looking at between $6K-$7K return this year! With all Xmas debt already paid off (thanks in large part to Fiscal Fasting), and very little debt accumulated from last year (no significant credit card debt), I can put that money toward some more long-term debt (I’m going to pay off a personal loan a year early!). I think 2018 is going to be a great fiscal year!

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  2. Money I Spent $: $0.00

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): did not leave the house!

    Use It Up Challenge: mac and cheese for lunch, then frito pie (beans only in chile) for supper, oranges and tangerines so all stuff we already had.

    Thoughts: Great snow day, very lazy, did mostly nothing, read a book while Dad watched football.

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