January 20, 2018


Money I Spent $: $64.62  Groceries get harder to keep under $50 the later in the month it gets! Plus this week there weren’t great sales and NO coupons for the stuff I wanted to buy! Here’s what we spent today:

  • Sprouts  $13.11 for produce. It was a tad over what I planned for because I forgot to put lemons on the list, and then Sabrina really wanted some raspberries, so I couldn’t really say no to raspberries!
  • Smiths: $49.83 — Some things on the list were a little pricier than I had estimated, and we decided to get some chicken thighs at 77c/lb to grill for dinner & leftovers, which wasn’t on the original list. Also grabbed a couple of things on clearance that hadn’t planned for – frozen yogurt bars and some ice cream for Sabrina. On the plus side, I found an almond milk that had been marked down to $1.00 on clearance and I had a $1 off coupon, so it was free 🙂  Also got 2 free yogurts for my Free Friday Download.
  • CVS – $1.68 total for the following: 4 jugs of laundry soap, 1 dish soap, and 1 small bag of mixed nuts because Ed was starving 🙂 I had $8 in CVS Extra Care Bucks that were going to expire Sunday, plus a 30% off coupon. So that was our best deal of the day! Laundry soap for months.

Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): eh, even though our grocery bill was $64.62 for the week, it’s still pretty awesome keeping our groceries so low each week!

Use It Up Challenge: In my lunch today, and last night’s dinner, made pretty much the same dish with the following: Leftover cubed air-fried potatoes, leftover chopped bacon, leftover ham and/or roast pork, scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, red chile sauce from the freezer, and green chile.

Thoughts:  I want to make something in the crockpot tomorrow but no idea what. 10-bean soup maybe… but don’t really have the vegs for it. Maybe I’ll do a veg soup with a little bit of beans in it.



  1. Money I Spent $: $16 to restock my supply of post-workout Quest Bars. (They were on sale at Smith’s 2 for $4. That’s a pretty good deal!)

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Avoided paying full price for Quest Bars! 🙂

    Use It Up Challenge: We have a bunch of whole-bean coffee in the pantry. I’ve been trying to spend a few minutes a day grinding it up for morning coffee. (My grinder only works in 20 second intervals, and it’s noisy, so I don’t like to do the grinding at 5:00am when I get up for work). The good news is, we have weeks worth of whole-bean coffee, and shouldn’t need to buy any until Spring.

    Thoughts: I love grocery shopping during fiscal fast. It’s quick, regimented, and best of all, cheap! Beth puts hours of work into making it all happen every Saturday. I appreciate her so much. ❤


  2. Money I Spent $:

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending):

    Use It Up Challenge:

    Thoughts: Will write again later about the day. Just want to say GREAT MOM!! Ordering that book for Sabrina is a super idea! Now she can show you what she is studying about and do a little at home, Super thing to do for her!!

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