January 19, 2018



Money I Spent $:  Around $20 for our weekly lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. We splurged and got fountain drinks and man was that delicious!

Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Nothing really. Didn’t think about going anywhere else.

Use It Up Challenge:  Finished off the second cut-open toothpaste and moved on to a full tube. That felt pretty fancy too.

Thoughts: One day this week, I think it was Thursday, I ordered a book on Amazon. Sabrina’s science class is not allowed to take their books home because they share books with another class (what insanity is this?), so after spending 2 hours studying for her upcoming test just using the internet… I ordered a copy of her science book online. It was $5 plus $6 for shipping (not prime).  I feel this was $11 well spent.


  1. Money I Spent $: $0! But only because Beth bought lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. (Those Diet Pepsi’s were the best!)

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Sometimes on Fridays I like to swing by the BX during lunch to do a “shelf check.” I’ve been avoiding doing that this month so I’m not tempted to buy stuff for the sake of buying stuff.

    Use It Up Challenge: Dug deep in the pantry last night for dinner, as well as in the freezer. Made some delicious Keto friendly tuna-avocado poppers!

    Thoughts: I bet we’ve easily saved over $100 this month by not eating out and being creative with what’s in the pantry/freezer. Sorry, Greenside!


  2. Money I Spent $: Don’t know how today will work out but we are going to the movie which was about $40 last time when we went which has been a long time ago, maybe a year or so. So it may be higher than that now but must have the popcorn and drink.

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): that remains to be seen, update tomorrow could be popcorn and coke but it won’t be!

    Use It Up Challenge: just working through what we have. Smith’s has a pretty good crab cake in the fresh case. We get them and put in freezer, had two packages from sometime in December. We like 3 for a meal, I and 1/2 each with something on the side. We flatten them out to about hamburger patty size and fry them in a skillet.

    Thoughts: Turning off lights and other electrical TV etc, Wash only full loads in dishwasher or clothes washer. Reuse paper towels that are not dirty, only wet. Use cloth towels when you can. I cleaned out the refrigerator yesterday, really, took everything out, cleaned good with soda and water, then put everything back in after getting rid of some. Poured out a half full jar of wassail from before Christmas, I tried to like it but was just TOOOO much cloves! Have determined 68 to be highest for thermostat. That way it is ok but does not get too warm.

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