January 18, 2018


Money I Spent $:   $3 on soup for lunch. I had brought an old Lean Cuisine but couldn’t quite make myself eat it. Went next door at work and bought some broccoli soup. It was a moment of fiscal weakness but it was good!

Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Avoided buying cookies at the snack bar 🙂

Use It Up Challenge: Working through a cut-open toothpaste tube! Working through the pantry too.

Thoughts: It’s getting easier. We are wishing we had some smaller cuts of meat (chicken breast, ground beef, etc.) in the freezer to fall back on. Right now we have like 7 pork roasts, a whole chicken, a whole turkey and some other big stuff that cooks all day. So it’s hard to “wing it” after work. Oh well, that’s what eggs are for, amirite?



  1. Money I Spent: $41. Had to gas up the truck today.

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): I let the low fuel light come on by accident. I was tempted to get gas at the Shell station in Sandia Park, where it’s about $2.39/gallon. But I risked running out of gas and made it back to Smith’s in town where gas was only $2.09, plus my 3c per gallon discount. Bottom line, I saved 33c/gallon x 20 gallons. That $6.60 in savings!

    Use It Up Challenge: Even when we don’t have anything thawed out for dinner, we find ways to make it work and eat something from home, rather than going out and buying more food.

    Thoughts:I want to go see The Post!


  2. Dessert will probably be apple slices or orange or tangerine slices from Matt’s fruit box from CA. Those are about gone and have been really good, sweet and juicy!

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  3. Money I Spent $: $O

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Dad went to Ford in Edgewood for last free oil change so that was a plus, he did not go by Walmart or Smith’s as we really did not need anything…………

    Use It Up Challenge: Lunch was from refrigerator, supper will be some crab cakes from freezer, quacamole using the avocado that was in Matt’s fruit basket, and possibly a salad or some baked sweet potato that is already cooked.

    Thoughts: Thinking we will go OFF tomorrow and go to the movie The Post, probably at 11;00 so will have popcorn for lunch.

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