January 17, 2018


Money I Spent $:  $27 to fill up my gas with car. Went to Costco where it was $2.06/gallon, something like that.

Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Wanted to stop at Sprouts for something for dinner. Fantasized about the salad kit I would buy and burrito and lasagna and cashew clusters from the bulk section and a big jug of grape juice….   don’t need any of that so just cruised on by.

Use It Up Challenge:  For the second day in a row, lunch has been leftover chicken, leftover quinoa from a meal last week some time, and leftover peas from even before that. Thank goodness the quinoa and peas is gone now and I can have something else tomorrow!

Thoughts:  I’m all out of thoughts for today.



  1. Money I Spent: $0!

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): No real money victories today, just steered clear of any spending opportunities.

    Use It Up Challenge: Continuing to have healthy leftover lunches.

    Thoughts: It’s nice seeing my checking account balance stay high (most of my last paycheck is still in there) and watching my savings balances grow.


  2. Money I Spent $: 34.83 Walmart and 25.53 Smith’s, for a few groceries, milk, eggs, bread, Dad some chicken strips, etc. That was all yesterday, today should be $0.

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): ate all meals in – no Subway! no internet orders That was yesterday, today should be same!

    Use It Up Challenge: ate lunch out of freezer and it was good. a little bag of something that looked like roast beef or maybe steak scraps, heated, added ketchup and fresh onions and put on bread!! Dad had chicken from Smith’s. Supper was nice green salad, navy bean soup, and pumpkin pie! Very good….. That was yesterday, don’t know about today but will be from freezer or fridge. For sure have stuff for nice green salad and leftover pie and navy bean soup.

    Thoughts: Beth Anne, I have lots of conditioner that I don’t use, will send some over to your house after school.

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