January 16, 2018


Money I Spent $: Spent a little on prescriptions, but they are essential,  so otherwise $0 day!

Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Went through drive-thru at Walgreens to avoid shopping inside.

Use It Up Challenge: Still working on leftover food — chicken & ham from the weekend roast-a-thon. About to cut up another toothpaste tube (it was almost empty when I cut up the first one, which I had held onto for weeks). Rummaged in the closet for conditioner, next step will be rummaging in Sabrina’s bathroom for conditioner. I bet she has 4 half-full ones in there somewhere.

Thoughts: I keep getting bills from when I dislocated my knee — ER, MRI, checkups — feels never ending. I know my surgery out-of-pocket expenses will be GINORMOUS this year… not looking forward to that at all.


One comment

  1. Money I Spent: $0

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): I needed a $0 day after yesterday.

    Use It Up Challenge: Still working on using up that old protein supplement.

    Thoughts: Talk today of pushing this fiscal fast out through February and March, with a break the first week of February for Sabrina’s birthday. I’m in!


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