January 15, 2018


Money I Spent $:  $0 (spent a little out of my eBay $ at a thrift store, but not counting that as it was just stuff to sell on eBay, nothing for me to keep)

Money Victory ($ I avoided spending):  Didn’t really think about spending anything else today.

Use It Up Challenge: Eating up this weekend’s roasted chicken and ham. Made chicken stock in the slow cooker from the chicken bones and some frozen veggie scraps. At dinner, used that stock and a little chicken fat to make gravy. Also put the stock in sauteed greens onions for some added flavor. Froze the rest of the stock in 2-cup servings (baggies).

Thoughts: I love making stock out of what is basically kitchen garbage + water 😀



  1. Money I Spent : $111. Not very fiscally fasty, I know. I needed some dietary supplements to support my gym habit. Whey protein, $60 (75 servings, though), some branch chain amino acids (BCAA) $41 and a new mixing bottle, $10. Supplements are expensive, and I normally avoid them, but I’m trying a new nutrition challenge for the next six weeks, and these supplements are part of the program.

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): On the subject of supplements, I also need something called micellar casein protein. I already have some, but it tastes terrible! (It has sucralose as a sweetener, yuck!) I thought about buying another brand that tastes 1000x better, but I’m going to use up (choke down) the stuff I have first.

    Use It Up Challenge: See previous paragraph.

    Thoughts: Hoping to have $0 days for the next three days (if my truck’s gas tank can get me through until Friday…)


  2. Money I Spent $: Yesterday was $18.80 at Burger Boy, which was great! Then 28.80 for gas. Today might be $0.00 but it is still early tho we are not planning on going anywhere.

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): I had water with my burger so that saved a $1.50 or so.

    Use It Up Challenge: When cleaning out my cupboards last week I found packages and packages of dry beans so am going to make a bean soup today, either navy or great northern.

    Thoughts: congrats to all on great successes.

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