January 14, 2018


Money I Spent $:  0!

Money Victory ($ I avoided spending):   Went to Burger Boy and even though it was my idea I didn’t have to pay, because I paid for lunch on Friday. 🙂

Use It Up Challenge: Made some beef stock using rib bones leftover from our New Year’s prime rib extravaganza and a bunch of veggie scraps that I had been saving in the freezer. (Used half the bag of scraps for beef stock and using the other half today for chicken stock!) Roasted a whole chicken. Now we will have ham and chicken to choose from all week for lunches and dinners. Cut up a pineapple to snack on. Instead of throwing the core away I cut it into strips and will put it in my water bottle for pineapple flavored water today.

Thoughts: It was a good day.


  1. Money I Spent $: $28. We broke fast for a Burger Boy lunch.

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Except for celebrating our halfway point through FF January, it would have been another $0 day.

    Use It Up Challenge: I thought we were just about out of dish soap, but after taking a few minutes to dig around under the kitchen sink, I found two new bottles and a third almost empty bottle. Glad I took a few minutes to look around before just assuming we needed more.

    Thoughts: My checking, savings and Visa card accounts are very happy right now!


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