January 10, 2018

Money I Spent: $0

Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Forgot to gas up my car… will need to do that tomorrow!

Use It Up Challenge:  Dinner and lunch were all leftovers and stuff from the freezer. Turkey & bean tostadas for dinner. Cheap and easy (and delicious).

Thoughts:  Lots going on at work in preparation for my being out for 4-5 weeks after surgery. Lots going on at home with Sabrina and her homework and school. When I get overwhelmed I feel the urge to both spend money and eat. So, trying to keep a hold of all that today. Ate a pudding I shouldn’t have had, but that’s all, and didn’t spend anything. So I did ok.


  1. Money I Spent: $53.58. ($31 for gas, $4.29 @ GNC, $18.29 @ Home Depot)

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Two victories today. First, I gassed up my truck on base, where gas is $1.99/gal. Last week I paid $41 dollars to gas up. Second, I needed some MCT Oil (it’s a health food thing) from GNC. I used a $15 coupon I didn’t know had so I got a $19 bottle for $4.29!

    Use It Up Challenge: Still using up that prime rib!

    Thoughts: I hate not having a $0 day, but should be back on track tomorrow.


  2. Money I Spent: Spent a little today, Dad had a shoulder massage, 31.41, Smith’s 9.99 for lettuce, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and bread to make croutons, planning to make French onion soup tomorrow. Then 13.00 for a piece of plexiglass for one of Dad’s projects, and 23.88 for gas. Then at Triangle a dollar fifty for 5 pounds of potatoes. Trying out the air fryer tonight.

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): resisted Subway again……….

    Use It Up Challenge: Having a burger and fries for supper, all we had to buy was lettuce, tomato, and potatoes.

    Thoughts: Be sure to watch blue moon, super moon, blood moon (red tinge) and it will also eclipse (but not here). All happening on Jan. 31. Do you know what a blue moon is? Haven’t felt very good today, hurt all over. Cold, damp weather? flu? Just one of those days!

    congratulations to all on lots of good decisions!

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