January 7, 2018

Money I Spent:  $0, didn’t leave the house

Money Victory ($ I avoided spending):  N/A 🙂

Use It Up Challenge:  Used up end of oatmeal/cranberry muffins for dessert at dinner tonight. Topped them with a berry coulis made from frozen berries we already had, topped with whipped cream and some toasted coconut leftover from Christmas.

Also, made some cloth dinner napkins with some vintage sheets I bought at a thrift store several months ago.

Thoughts: I like making things — like turning a vintage sheet or pillowcase into some napkins! Especially since it’s stuff I already had on hand, so no cost, plus it keeps me entertained for a few hours, at no cost, and we can reuse the dinner napkins and avoid using paper towels, for savings later.

One comment

  1. Money I Spent: $0.59. Yes, that’s 59 cents. I had to go to the store for some fresh parsley.

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Sometimes, on a solo trip to Triangle Grocery, I’ll sneak a look at the pastry counter and treat myself. I avoided the pastry counter today.

    Use It Up Challenge: I need to stop trying to “use up” Sabrina’s Christmas candy…

    Thoughts: Looking forward to a fiscally sound week. And it’s payday week!


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