January 4, 2018


Money I Spent: $20.23 to gas up my car (edited to add this was at Smiths where I used my rewards card to get 20c off per gallon!)

Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): After physical therapy on base, I needed to go to the post office to mail some ebay sales (yay extra $) so went to the post office on base to a) save gas and 2) not be tempted by the rest of town.

Use It Up Challenge:  The other day I made crockpot apple oatmeal to use up some apples that were going soft. It made a ton and we are tired of it, so I’m now turning the oatmeal into oatmeal muffins, whatever that is. I’ll let you know how it turns out 🙂

Thoughts:  Listened to some good financial podcasts today. I like Afford Anything (Paula Pant) and Be Wealthy and Smart (Linda P Jones). Then I listened to a podcast that I normally like called Listen Money Matters. The episode was supposed to be about lowering your grocery/food budget by cooking cheap meals. But then the guy (millennial single guy) started talking about how he goes to Whole Foods every day for his ingredients and so I was like SHUT UP, DUMMY, and turned him off. Obviously he’s not too smart about frugal cooking if he buys everything at Whole Foods amirite?


  1. Money I Spent: $20 tip to my tattoo artist. Session was paid for by money already on my account at True Grit Tattoo.

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Could easily have gone out for lunch before my appointment, especially after I got the call that he was running an hour behind. But, diet goals and money goals kept me out of the drive-thru!

    Use It Up Challenge: I ate one of Beth’s oatmeal muffins (sorry, diet goals).

    Thoughts: Looking forward to my next $0 day. Might not happen until Sunday. Tomorrow is lunch out with my bestie, Saturday is groceries.

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  2. Money I Spent: I am thinking this will and should be a $0 day as I don’t think we are going anywhere. If something changes I will confess later.

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): We will avoid stopping at Subway in Tijeras when we take Sabrina to her Cheer class. We like to stop there once a week or so for sandwiches for supper, but tonight will find something good from the freezer,

    Use It Up Challenge: We have discovered that Frito Chile Pie is really good with only beans in the chile and no meat. Also with more of a red chile sauce than the one we always have used. Add a little cheese, onions, lettuce and tomato and it is really good. Helps out for Dad and his thing of no red meat.

    Thoughts: I am proud of everyone and their good decisions! – no telling how much we will save all together!

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